About yicoin


This is an attempt to incorporate the Yicoin coin into real use in the form of bonuses via the Yicoin mobile application (iOS, Android, for free).
The mobile application Yicoin (iOS, Android, free of charge) is another reason to order your favorite products more often via the Internet,
using postal companies, because for the use of their services you are counted to get nice bonuses Yicoin.

All the details can be easily found on the page of each company in the application. The more active you are, the more you make purchases, the more Yicoin bonuses you get. Yicoin is a loyalty geolocation program, it instantly calculates all postal companies nearby that participate in the loyalty program. The terms of reference and the initial version of the application have already been made and passed on to designers and App developers. A preliminary agreement has already been concluded with two small postal companies that will implement the mobile application and will use the Yicoin coin as a means of exchange.



Exchanges and ranks



Algorithm X11
Symbol YIC
Block reward 15 YIC
Last POW block 150000
Block time 60 seconds
Recalculated difficulty Every block
Max coin available 75 Millions
Transaction confirmation 15 blocks
Mining maturation time 10 blocks
P2P Port 55486
RPC Port: 55485
Masternodes Creation: 15000 YIC
Masternode reward 80 % from POS
Min Stake 75 hours
Premine 0%


from block 1 15 YIC
from block 5000 25 YIC
from block 150000 50 YIC
from block 500000 75 YIC

Our roadmap

An innovative cryptocurrency for payments and bonus in the future.

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Initialization of the project

Launch wallets

Creating block explorer and listing miningpools

Listing on some exchanges

Listing on 3 masternode sites / coinmarketcap

Launching a website

Setting up social and community accounts

Launch online wallet

Android and IOS app Launch

Update Whitepaper & Roadmap Yicoin